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Five Things Every HR Executive Should Include in 2022 Planning

Chris Dwyer Webinar

Neha Goel joins Chris Dwyer in an engaging conversation about Chris' research study.

While the COVID-19 pandemic brought unbridled disruption and chaos to businesses, the truth is that the “Future of Work” was already on tap to accelerate how enterprises ultimately optimized their workforce. The continued growth of the “extended workforce,” which now accounts for 47% of the average company’s total talent, is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to how much talent and work are being reimagined in the face of unprecedented global change.  

In this webinar, Chris Dwyer, SVP of Research at Ardent Partners and managing director of the Future of Work Exchange, discusses the results of his research study, unveiling the five key strategies every HR executive must have on their 2022 agenda. This includes innovations in workforce management, the extended workforce,  focus on the talent experience, and empathy-led leadership. He also discuss how HR executives can navigate vaccine mandates, retention,  and how to incorporate strategies to ensure a thriving extended workforce program in 2022 and beyond. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Recalibrating the Future of Work's impact on HR
  • Reimagining "HR Psychology"
  • Elevating the approaches to extended workforce management
  • Blending HR's expertise with emerging technology
  • Navigating an evolving talent landscape 


Christopher Dwyer Christopher Dwyer
Neha Goel Neha Goel

About Christopher: Christopher J. Dwyer is the Senior Vice President of Research at Ardent Partners and the Managing Director of the Future of Work Exchange. For the past 15 years, Christopher J. Dwyer has been the industry’s preeminent contingent workforce management (CWM) analyst and an early Future of Work evangelist. As the Senior Vice President of Research at Ardent Partners, Dwyer oversees all research programs related to talent and workforce management. His research and consulting in the digital and on-demand staffing space have helped revolutionize how businesses source talent and labor. Dwyer is also the architect behind the new Future of Work Exchange site, which has quickly become a groundbreaking destination for HR, talent acquisition, procurement, and other key business executives as they seek the best strategies, solutions, and innovative tools for managing the arena of work and talent.

Dwyer is the voice behind Contingent Workforce Weekly, the industry’s first podcast dedicated to the contingent workforce industry. Now in its sixth season, the podcast is one of the top Future of Work-oriented shows across all major podcast platforms.

About Neha: Neha Goel is the Vice President of Marketing at Utmost, the first Extended Workforce System. With over 15 years of experience in the contingent workforce and HR tech industry, Neha joined Utmost in 2020 to help drive brand awareness and demand for the company's award-winning solution.

Prior to joining Utmost, Neha led marketing and go-to-market efforts for several high-growth VMS and MSP providers, including SimplifyVMS, Workspend, and DCR Workforce. She has consulted with multiple staffing and workforce solution firms in the contingent workforce space. Neha has written several articles for SIA's staffing Stream and SIG's Future of Sourcing, been featured in industry podcasts, events, and webinars, and was named to multiple leadership lists including SIA Global Power 150 - Women in Staffing list for 2019 and SDCE 100 Pros to Know 2019.