[Live Q&A] - Improving Onboarding for the Contingent Workforce

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Join us Thursday, May 21 at 10:00 AM PT/ 1:00 PM ET for a casual chat on the contingent workforce with special guest, David Sun, Strategic Sourcing Manager at Salesforce.

About 40% of organizations fail to adequately onboard and integrate newly hired independent workers, according to research by industry analyst, Josh Bersin. And it’s not like businesses don’t have processes for their onboarding that they can borrow from employee onboarding. Tools such as organizational charts, company mission statements, and other handbooks are usually available, but speed is prioritized over worker satisfaction. 

This deprioritization of the extended workforce frequently leads to higher turnover or productivity loss. Instituting structured onboarding, regular communication, and socialization with other employees can be simple steps to make contingent workers feel at home. To dive deeper on this topic, Erika Novak, Head of Client Services at Utmost, will chat with David Sun on questions such as: 

  • Why is the onboarding experience overlooked?
  • If you had a magic wand, how would you design the onboarding experience?
  • How can you better engage workers in your contingent workforce program?


David Sun

David Sun, Strategic Sourcing Manager at Salesforce

David's career began in supply chain management, guiding Fortune 500 companies on transforming their operating models to focus on cost reduction and process optimization. After several years in consulting, including operating his own practice, David followed his passion for the technology industry and began migrating to the practitioner side. 

After a brief stint at Google, David joined Salesforce's Professional Services Sourcing team in 2019 and became the Global Lead on contingent workforce. Combining years of procurement and consulting experience, David is helping Salesforce develop its next-generation non-FTE workforce model.

Erika Novak

Erika Novak, Head of Client Services at Utmost

Erika Novak is a seasoned Contingent Workforce thought leader and practitioner with 14 years of experience. She has built and evolved Enterprise Contingent Workforce programs during her times at eBay and LinkedIn, consulted Fortune 500 companies while at Brightfield and has now moved into building products with Utmost as their Head of Client Services.