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Webinar: 5 Things to Consider When Resourcing your Internally Managed Program

Join us on Tuesday, Jan. 12 at 10a PT/1p ET for a presentation on how to resource an internally managed extended workforce program. 

About two-thirds of contingent workforce programs use a managed service provider (MSP). Yet the most recent SIA Workforce Solutions Buyer Survey found that there is a greater share of program owners planning to move their program “in-house” than the share likely to explore using an external MSP.

One of the main challenges of moving in-house is building out a team to take on different roles and responsibilities. In this session, Brandon Moreno, President of EverHive, and Erika Novak, Head of Client Services, will share how to consider resourcing your team for an internally managed program.

Below are the five considerations that they will dive deeper into: 

  • Knowing your total extended workforce headcount numbers
  • Defining roles & responsibilities
  • Establishing an org structure
  • Understand where to recruit
  • Managing process changes


Erika Novak 2021 Updated Erika Novak, Head of Client Services at Utmost
Brandon Moreno Brandon Moreno, President at EverHive

About Erika: Erika Novak is a seasoned Contingent Workforce thought leader and practitioner with 14 years of experience. She has built and evolved Enterprise Contingent Workforce programs during her times at eBay and LinkedIn, consulted Fortune 500 companies while at Brightfield and has now moved into building products with Utmost as their Head of Client Services.

About Brandon: Brandon Moreno is a distinguished HR and Talent executive with 20 years of achievements leading and developing entrepreneurial and global teams in the Americas, EMEA, and APAC. He is a pioneer in developing and implementing leading-edge recruitment strategies, technologies, and tools that connect the right talent to the right organization. He previously held leadership roles at Herbalife International, Sony, Anakam (now Equifax), ARINC (now Rockwell Collins and Booz Allen Hamilton), and other Fortune 100 companies.