Live Demo: Improving the Hiring Process for External Workers

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Workforce Insights

Hiring managers simply want to get their new worker onboarded as quickly as possible. But HR, Procurement, and Talent Acquisition teams often overwhelm managers with processes, various systems, and complicated procedures to get any new contingent worker, consultant, or contractor.

Utmost makes it easier for hiring managers and HR teams to request new external workers. HR teams can create consistent processes, and managers can follow a simple process that begins in Workday, the software that they already use.

In this demo, we will show you how Utmost supports HR, Procurement, and managers using Workday so that they can:

Start all external worker requests from a process integrated with Workday

Managers can enter Utmost with a single sign-on from their Workday homepage. From there, they follow a straightforward rules engine that guides them to fill out the right forms.

Configure workflows for scalable, consistent worker requests

HR teams responsible for compliance can create workflows that ensure the appropriate approval process is followed and the right department gets delegated to complete a task. The workflows can also be configured for different worker classifications and geographies so there is always consistency.

Create smart forms that speed up the request process

With smart forms, HR teams can select or configure appropriate templates for different types of worker requests. That means managers will only enter the required information and not be overwhelmed with irrelevant fields that only delay the request. 

About Rita:

Rita RodriguesRita Rodrigues is an accomplished techie with 14 years of experience in information technology, during which she defined architectures, designed and developed enterprise software, mentored and led software engineering teams and worked closely with customers to successfully deliver software solutions.

She has made a great impact in companies such as Workday and now in Utmost, acting as the technical expert in the technology sales process and helping the product team to build a better product.