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Utmost has partnered with leading direct sourcing solution providers to enable you to leverage a new channel for extended workforce talent

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Keep on pace with a changing world

Companies are struggling to secure the talent they require and at a cost they can bear. Leading talent acquisitions teams are turning to directly sourcing contingent talent to fill roles faster, with higher quality talent, and at less cost. Direct sourcing is a strategy for TA and contingent workforce teams to directly market and recruit for contract roles from a pool of external talent who has elected and selected to stay in touch with the company.

The world is changing beyond traditional FTE and staffing agencies: a new pool of talent is emerging of workers who want to select the brands they do work with and enterprises are increasingly embracing the extended workforce to get work done.

Why Utmost

  • The only solution focused on the talent with federated worker profiles able to effectively engage talent pools
  • The only solution with Front Door, designed for sourcing across all talent channels
  • The only solution with rich worker profiles able to maintain rich worker histories

Utmost Front Door

Utmost Sourcing Overview

Utmost's unique capabilities

Problems, Benefits & Solutions

Key Problems

  • Lack of access to new pools of talent: Enterprises struggle to find the talent they need for their open roles and find they and their staffing firms are fishing from the same pools of talent
  • Higher costs: Enterprises are paying full markups for external talent despite their investments in their employer brand and despite workers being alumni or silver medalists
  • Lack of control: Enterprises are unable to control the experience of workers such as how they are compensated and how they can be redeployed
  • Inefficient operations: Filling roles require engaging with a third-party staffing firm and require TA teams and hiring managers to toggle between different solutions for sourcing workers


  • Integrated solution to automate req distribution and candidate submission from Utmost to direct sourcing partners
  • Utmost Front Door, a single intake vehicle for all work requests, can recommend direct sourcing as a channel and guide managers through the request process all while following rules setup by TA teams


  • Access a new pool of talent: broaden your reach to workers directly applying to the companies they want to work for; all in the same, single system for engaging all types of workers
  • Lower costs: leverage existing recruiting spend and channels to lower the cost of sourcing external talent and only pay a payroll markup that is ~50% of the normal markup
  • Improve the candidate experience: determine candidate experience, directly control their compensation, and see rich worker profiles to attract and retain talent
  • Automate operations: accelerate the time to fill roles and decrease the effort required by automation communications, workflows, and integrations


Moving forward with Utmost

Future Potential 

Sync Worker Profiles

Worker profiles data syncs between Utmost and the direct sourcing providers so that enterprises see complete and up-to-date information on workers

Match Worker Skillset

Workers matching the skillset of the job request can be shown within Front Door during the flow of the hiring process to enable hiring managers to first utilize the existing talent pool before engaging other suppliers

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