Utmost for Life Sciences

Utmost offers a superior worker experience

Access to highly-skilled workers and a means to communicate in real-time has never been more important

Life Sciences is a growing and critical industry that continues to see an increased need for agility, speed to market, and efficiencies at scale. Highly specialized talent enables lifesaving work to get done in areas like pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical devices, food processing, and more. 

Access to multiple avenues of talent, flexibility in how that talent is engaged and managed, and a focus on compliance is critical to stay ahead of the market.

Utmost & Sage Therapeutics Partnership

AstraZeneca selects Utmost to manage non-employees worldwide

AstraZeneca, a global, science-led, patient-focused biopharmaceutical company, has selected Utmost and its modern Extended Workforce System (EWS) to manage their external workforce, including 34,000 contingent and outsourced service providers across 100 countries.

Life Sciences leaders need visibility and innovation in tech

Ninety-two percent of U.S. life sciences companies currently hire contingent workers, and more than 35% of those plan to increase their contingent worker population this year, according to AON.

Research, development, and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, foods, and food processing requires an innovative and scalable technology solution:

Key Challenges:

  • Access to a highly skilled talent ecosystem
  • Lack of access to data, analytics, and reporting
  • Worker misclassification resulting in massive cost to the organization 
  • Improved engagement and communication with their suppliers
  • Multiple engagement tracking

Organizational Self Assessment

Are you able to  deliver visibility into cost, skills, certifications, and detailed work history across the entire workforce, allowing your organization to plan for the future? To know for sure, here are a few questions to consider. If you can't answer these questions, don't worry, you're not alone.

Many organizations struggle to understand or capitalize on their extended workforce simply because they don’t know what they don’t know. 

Can you calculate the number of extended workers?

This includes freelancers, gig workers, independent contractors, consultants, outsourced workers, and SOW workers. Additional complexity is added when tracking data scientists, software developers, scientific technicians, medical and lab technicians, and engineers who may also be both employees and contractors in the system.

Do you have visibility into worker skills?

It's important to understand the skill sets you’re lacking across your workforce and workers that may need to be reskilled to keep up with market demands.

Are your workers classified correctly?

It is critical to understand how every one of your workers is classified to avoid legislative and compliance risk. 

Do you have the tools to effectively workforce plan?

To launch the latest new products and medicines, life sciences companies had to quickly optimize their workforce strategies to attract and retain top talent

Are you able to track trainings and certifications?

Many life sciences workers are required (by regulations and legislation) to pass background checks, complete relevant training, and keep certifications up-to-date, creating a huge administrative overhead for organizations regarding compliance.

Additionally, they often employ workers with dual classifications, such as employees who are also contingent workers in a different department, volunteers, or interns. Traditional VMS solutions cannot handle the intricacies of such multiple classifications and do not allow for total workforce visibility into a dynamic workforce.

Resource Library

Utmost allows workforce visibility in one single platform

The Most From Your All

The use of external labor on the rise, especially in the healthcare sector. Providers are seeking to improve budgets, respond to public health crises, and increase their flexibility in staffing skilled workers.

The need for a better system for the extended workforce is here.

With Utmost, you can:

  • Avoid worker misclassification with Front Door
  • Achieve total workforce planning
  • Leverage one view across the entire workforce
  • Attract and engage top talent
  • Mitigate risk by proactively tracking compliance issues, providing remediation options, and audit history

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