Utmost for Light Industrial and Manufacturing

Utmost enables work to get done

Access and user experience are critical for success

Companies require access to qualified light industrial workers who can fill roles quickly. They need to be able to track worker data, including cost, skills, and shifts. They must engage with workers how and where they want to work, and the experience needs to be as seamless as possible.

To elevate this experience, workers need agency over their data and access to critical communications necessary to do their jobs. 

Watch: Jason Grosz, VP Global Contingent Workforce Soluations at Ecolab, shares how Utmost simplified reporting and provided full visibility of the entire workforce, driven by a need for compliance.

Manufacturing leaders need visibility and compliance

HubSpot Video

Utmost Solutions Engineer, Christopher Clifford, previews a cool feature that allows suppliers to add worker engagements directly on behalf of their clients.


The supply chain relies on critical skills to get projects done on time and on budget. There have been significant challenges to finding, keeping, and redeploying this talent, including:

  • Access to highly skilled talent (where to find and attract key skill sets)
  • Irregular shift patterns, workloads, different rates for shifts, overtime, on-call rates, double pay
  • Worker misclassification resulting in massive cost to the organization 
  • Manual processes that are a burden to organizations and workers

Organizational Self Assessment

As a leader, are you lacking a scalable approach to managing the external workforce, which is critical to your success? Are you able to deliver visibility into cost, skills, and detailed work history across the entire workforce, allowing your organization to plan for the future? To know for sure, here are a few questions to consider. If you can't answer these questions, don't worry, you're not alone.

Many organizations struggle to understand or capitalize on their extended workforce simply because they don’t know what they don’t know. 

Can you calculate the number of extended workers?

According to SIA, over 60% of all temporary workers are in the light industrial category. This includes freelancers, contractors, SOW-based workers, independent consultants, and more. 

Do you have visibility into your workers' skills?

It's important to understand the skill sets you’re lacking across your workforce and workers that may need to be reskilled to keep up with market demands. What's more, you need access to talent marketplaces that can connect you with highly-specialized skill sets. 

Are your workers classified correctly?

It is critical to understand how every one of your workers is classified to avoid legislative and compliance risk. 

Do you have immediate access to critical worker data?

The ability to report on and have visibility to background checks, drug tests, certifications, and other worker data is the difference between meeting project deadlines and missing them. 

Are you able to track complex pay rates and irregular shifts?

Irregular shift patterns, different rates for night shifts, weekend shifts, overtime, on-call rates, double pay, holiday pay, and travel rates make it hard to ensure the correct rate is paid to each worker.

Utmost allows workforce visibility in one single platform

The Most From Your All

The use of external labor on the rise, especially in the light industrial and manufacturing sector. Companies are seeking to improve budgets, respond to critical projects, and increase their flexibility in staffing skilled workers.

The need for a better system for the extended workforce is here.

With Utmost, you can:

  • Avoid worker misclassification 
  • Reduce time-to-hire
  • Find, attract, and engage top talent
  • Mitigate risk by proactively tracking compliance issues, providing remediation options, and audit history

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Join the CW Visionary Slack Community

A place for curated, lightly moderated conversations for Contingent Workforce Program Owners moderated by CW Program Owners.