Utmost Brings a New Approach to Professional and Business Services

A comprehensive solution to optimize, scale, and create efficiencies for PBS

In the Professional and Business Services (PBS) industry, people ARE the supply chain that generates revenue. 

Leveraging external pools of talent, thoughtfully engaging them, and tracking utilization properly to assure accurate billing, payroll, customer satisfaction, and ongoing margin management is critical. It’s also been cumbersome and inefficient -- until now. 

We're offering these organizations a unique opportunity to solve these challenges.

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“Utmost will enable RGP to better manage our global workforce across all worker classifications. The PayBill solution will allow us to streamline and optimize back-end processes so we can more effectively track billable and non-billable hours as well as manage both consultant pay and client billings.”

PBS Firms Have Complex Needs Utmost PayBill Solves

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Some of these challenges include:

  • Complex integrations to facilitate time and expense entries with limited worker interface capabilities, and integrations with ERP to create an invoice
  • Limited ability to track rate, skills, engagement history, and willingness to rehire details of the extended workforce
  • Payroll errors caused by manual data entry and a poor user experience for all involved

Utmost Optimizes PayBill with your HCM System

The use of external labor is on the rise and there’s no slow down on the horizon. The opportunity to extend an organization’s existing HCM investment using Utmost to bring visibility to that spend and to achieve total workforce planning is finally here.

Utmost PayBill is a comprehensive solution that takes approved time and integrates it properly and efficiently within your existing HCM. Our solution will enable:

Highly integrated sales pipeline-to-skills-based resource planning

This includes time tracking against project-based assignments and turn-key invoicing.

The support of complicated use cases such as adjustments and pay-when-paid subcontracting scenarios

Current bill-pay processes are highly manual, requiring cumbersome back-and-middle-office operations which cost organizations time and money. Using Utmost mobile, workers input time tracking and expenses, and the customer reviews, rejects, or approves.

Operational visibility at the worker level

From organization charts to revenue/cost profiles, PayBill provides insights to quickly optimize territories and mobilize talent.

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