Utmost for Talent Acquisition

Without visibility across the entire workforce, how can you plan for the future?

In today’s job market, any form of workforce planning or HR strategy that does not consider its non-employee workforce is risky at best. Talent acquisition must pay attention to the skills, spend, and location of ALL workers. Effective workforce planning takes the entire workforce into consideration, and Utmost gives you that visibility. 

Utmost introduces talent acquisition leaders to an entirely new approach to managing the external workforce. We deliver visibility into cost, skills, certifications, and detailed work history across the entire workforce, allowing enterprises to plan for the future.

Why You Should Care About Total Workforce Visibility

As the workforce continues to become more “blended,” with traditional FTEs and non-employee workers at nearly similar size in most organizations, it's critical for talent acquisition to understand the makeup of this talent to know how best to engage and manage them.

Key Challenges:

  • Access to highly-skilled talent to fill critical roles and new sources of talent pools
  • Becoming more agile and adaptable to market pressures 
  • Access to data to effectively resource plan at the organizational level
  • One single way to bring all talent into the organization

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Watch a replay of our live discussion with Madeline Laurano, founder of Aptitude Research

Total Talent Management is the Key to the Future of Work 

In this webinar, Madeline Laurano shares her findings on shifting ownership over contingent workforce programs, why traditional vendor management systems are not the best solution for strategic, future-centric contingent workforce programs, and visibility roadblocks to achieve total talent management.

Organizational Self Assessment

As a leader, are you lacking a scalable approach to finding, engaging, managing, and reporting on all talent? Are you able to  deliver visibility into cost, skills, certifications, and detailed work history across the entire workforce, allowing your organization to plan for the future? In order to know for sure, here are a few questions to consider. If you can't answer these questions, don't worry, you're not alone.

Many organizations struggle to understand or capitalize on their extended workforce simply because they don’t know what they don’t know. 

Can you calculate the number of extended workers?

This includes freelancers, gig workers, independent contractors, consultants, outsourced workers, and SOW workers. If not, you're missing a key part of your workforce. 

Do you have visibility into workers' skills?

It's important to understand the skill sets you’re lacking across your workforce and workers that may need to be reskilled to keep up with market demands.

Do you have one unified way to bring in talent across the entire organization?

Today, it’s not about an employee or non-employee. There are freelancers, staff augmentation workers, SOW project-based consultants, gig workers – the list goes on and on. Add to that talent pools, direct sourcing, staff suppliers, and consulting firms who bring talent into an organization. It becomes critical for one single, consistent place to request work – however that talent is engaged. This enables total workforce visibility, “in-the-moment” labor decisions, and access to increasing talent channels.

Do you know where your talent is coming from?

If you don't know the sources of all talent -- employee and non-employee -- it can be difficult to communicate your company's brand and culture. With many contractors converting to full-time resources, it's imperative you have an effective, scalable way to engage and communicate. 

Are you able to track diversity, equity & inclusion?

Visibility into DE&I metrics across your entire workforce means you're not missing out on the benefits of a diverse contingent labor population. It also means you know where you're achieving success and what may need attention. 

Resource Library

Utmost gives you the ability to have total workforce visibility

The Most From Your All

The use of external labor on the rise. The opportunity to extend an organization’s existing HCM investment using Utmost to bring visibility to that spend is here.

Now, you can:

  • Have one central place to bring in all talent -- with Utmost Front Door
  • Achieve total workforce planning
  • Leverage one view across the entire workforce, including cost, spend, and skills

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