[Live Q&A] - How to Get Visibility Over a Global Freelance Workforce

CW Radio - Jessica Donsky LP

Join us on Dec. 3 at 10a PT /1p ET for a casual conversation with Jessica Donsky, Sr. Manager, Global Contingent Workforce at Airbnb. 

With a rise in freelance marketplaces and an increasing number of young professionals opting for freelance work, enterprises have developed new processes to source, engage, and offboard a freelancer workforce. 

In this conversation, Jessica Donsky, Sr. Manager, Global Contingent Workforce at Airbnb will share how to get visibility over a freelance workforce and how that’s different from typical processes for contingent staff.  

Erika Novak, Head of Client Services at Utmost, will interview Jessica on how to engage a freelance workforce globally that is far more mobile and fluid than workers from outsourced vendors or staffing agencies. 

Below are a few questions that we plan to dive into: 

  • Why is global visibility important? Can’t hiring managers organize this?
  • How does HR work with freelancers in their processes vs. contingent staff? Source, engaging, onboarding - what makes it different?
  • How do you collaborate with other teams in engaging this workforce?


Jessica Donsky

Jessica Donsky Airbnb

Jessica has over 10+ years of experience in the contingent workforce industry. Currently, she is the Senior Leader of Airbnb’s Global Contingent Workforce program where she oversees program management for contingent workers, freelancers, and other classifications of external talent. Prior to Airbnb, Jessica led and evolved programs at Intuit and Pacific Gas and Electric. She started her career as a Program Manager on the MSP side at WorkforceLogic.

Erika Novak

Erika NovakErika Novak is a seasoned Contingent Workforce thought leader and practitioner with 14 years of experience. She has built and evolved Enterprise Contingent Workforce programs during her times at eBay and LinkedIn, consulted Fortune 500 companies while at Brightfield and has now moved into building products with Utmost as their Head of Client Services.